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Global e-Commerce (Pvt) Ltd (formerly Galileo Pakistan) is a one-stop complete IT Solutions and Services provider to the travel trade industry.

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Esource Aqua

Esource Aqua

A premier industry sales and risk management application. A value based contractual capping system for airlines, consolidators and travel agents. Manages risk by restricting ticketing functionalities to the value defined.

Benefits – Consolidator

  • Calculated Risk to the value of the contract
  • Enhanced customer value
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved decision making
  • Sell all travel content from single contract limit
  • Minimum supervision required
  • Allow/Restrict Ticketing Functionalities
  • Specification of charges for Void / Refund / Exchange
  • Integrate LCC through API’S
  • Sell other consolidators travel content to own Sub Agency network

General Benefits

  • Work with all type of agencies with calculated risk as per the assigned limit.
  • Target multiple agencies and offer direct deals / commission while securing credit offered.
  • Sell all available travel content from assigned sales value.
  • Assign specific limits to individual carriers.
  • Assign your own ticketing modifiers (Commission / Net Fare) for all tickets to be issued by sub-agents.
  • Enhancement of capping (value) on temporary basis.
  • Sell all travel content under single limit
  • Flexible reporting period weekly / fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Customized Reports as per requirement
  • Control of authorization of Void / Refund / Exchange
  • Facility to block/reactivate agency sales facility on a single click.

Key Features

  • Value based Debit and Credit contracts
  • Multi GDS console available within e-Source Aqua
  • Sales and Settlement Calendar setup for credit contracts
  • Contract based specific charges & discounts option available
  • Single Admin panel for control of multiple ID’s – IATA codes / PCC’s
  • Facility to specify saleable airline(s) within contract
  • Contract value limit segregation for individual carriers
  • Facility to Review Refund before providing authorization.
  • Back Office functionality – Ledger, Sales & Refund reports, Summary Reports
  • Multi-Currency functionality
  • On demand customized reports
  • Multilingual
  • GUI Interface to book travel content
  • Distribute contract to Multi – Level sub agent network

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