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Global e-Commerce (Pvt) Ltd (formerly Galileo Pakistan) is a one-stop complete IT Solutions and Services provider to the travel trade industry.

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Onyx Payments

Onyx Payments (TIMS) streamlines commission payment and collection for travel agents and travel suppliers for hotel bookings worldwide with more than 40,000 properties including independents and major chains and it is widely trusted in the industry. It makes the entire commission process easier for agents and suppliers with comprehensive web based tracking system. By the end of 2018, more than 1200 IATA Agents are registered in Pakistan with Pegasus.
Onyx services enable simple, transparent and efficient payments to any business you need to pay, including GDS fees, affiliate payments, online prepaid bookings, and more. Learn how we can be an efficient alternative to virtual credit cards.
With a unique data set built over 12+ years, Onyx’s data services and deep analytics capabilities offer actionable insights into your current and evolving business strategies.

Why Onyx Payments?

We are the only commission payments and recovery company that works with both agencies and hotels and has relationships with companies in more than 160 countries. That makes us uniquely qualified to help agencies ensure they receive the commissions they’ve earned, and for more than 200,000 travel distributors across the globe we do just that.
Getting paid for the work you do shouldn’t be difficult. Unfortunately for many travel distributors, commission payments from hotels are delayed or never arrive at all. This causes relationships between hotels and agencies to become strained or collapse completely. Onyx can help.

Sure Pay™

Commission consolidation

Sure Pay is an industry-leading hotel commission system for travel agents worldwide, helping hotel bookers in more than 160 countries recover their hotel commissions in a more cost efficient and timely manner.

  • One consolidated electronic payment: Receive commission payments electronically from all hotels in one transaction.
  • Reduced bank fee: With one electronic payment per quarter, reduce bank charges and currency conversion fees.
  • Reduce administrative overhead: Staff no longer needs to track and process thousands of individual paper checks.
  • Best in class customer service: Access Onyx’s customer support center for assistance with following up on missing commissions.
  • Commission reporting: Receive full reporting on all commissions paid in one electronic file instead of paper statements from each hotel.



An integrative service for customers already consolidating commissions through SurePay, our robust commission recovery offering is the end-to-end solution for your bookings. We manage every aspect of capturing, reconciling, tracking and accounting for commission owed from any hotel with which your agency does business, all over the world. Onyx collects booking data through a seamless process and handles all data matching, collection, follow-up, invoicing and reporting needs. Many of the world’s largest travel bookers in the world are among the more than 10,000 travel agents that use our commission tracking and recovery services.

  • Reduce administrative overhead: Outsourcing commissions processing to Onyx greatly reduces the internal resources required to administer commissions’ receivables.
  • Lower bank fees: With one electronic payment per quarter in the local currency, greatly reduces bank charges and currency-conversion fees.
  • Reporting and business insights: Receive full reporting on all commissions paid in one electronic file, including all VAT reports. This provides a complete picture of your hotel business and highlights your most productive hotel relationships.
  • Agency friendly – invoicing: Our Invoice Pro feature provides a complete inventory of documented commissionable transactions for value added taxes to ensure tax compliance for both travel agencies and hotels.
  • Hotel follow up: Unpaid bookings will be followed up to a full year, ensuring the greatest likelihood of successful commissions’ recovery.

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